Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services.


Are we an authorized workshop?

Yes, of course! We at Conmodo are proud to be authorized for many of the major manufacturers in the online marketplace. Our authorization underscores our commitments to excellence and proficiency in our services.

How to submit for service?

Easily by mail in store! Would you like to submit for service? Then you can register your service order here. When the registration is complete, print the order and shipping slip that you receive in the final part of the registration. Then pack your order slip and device securely in good packaging that feels safe to send away before finally attaching the return slip to the outside of the package. When the package is ready for shipment, it can be delivered to your nearest post office in store.

Price estimates for insurance?

We'll fix that! When it comes to pricing to your insurance company, they often require a written, exact price in order to be able to approve the case. Unfortunately, we cannot release this in advance without further investigation. Our authorized technicians will examine the unit as soon as it arrives at our workshop and will then send you a written, valid price estimate that you can pass on to your insurance company. Are you not close to ours local workshops? Then you can register your case here. You will receive a shipping slip from us for delivery to our main workshop.

Warranty and right of complaint?

In Norway, warranty usually refers to the seller or manufacturer's promise of the quality and performance of the product. This promise can cover various aspects, such as the suitability of the product for a particular purpose, durability and compliance with agreed specifications. The warranty and right of complaint we have in Norway ensures that consumers receive goods and services that meet acceptable standards. The Consumer Rights Act gives consumers in private purchases the right to complain about defects in goods for up to two years from the date of purchase. This period is considered the warranty period. The standard warranty for commercial purchases is one year.

The right of complaint gives consumers the right to complain if the product or service they have received does not comply with the contract, whether due to defects, damages or other problems. The Consumer Rights Act provides a legal basis for consumers to assert their claim rights.

When a consumer wishes to avail himself of the right of complaint, he should be notified of this as soon as possible after discovering the defect. The notice should be given in writing, while recommending keeping a copy of the communication for future reference.

Loan phone?

We have! We offer phone loans at our Walkin workshops, see here where you can find us. We make sure you have a working mobile while yours is on service with us. The possibility of a loan phone is valid as long as the stock lasts, we only have a certain number of units per Walkin workshop.

Workshop warranty?

With us you get 90 days warranty on replaced parts. We understand that unforeseen problems can occur and our warranty serves as a testament to the confidence we have in the durability of our service services. Should a defect or failure occur in a replaced part within 90 days of service, we stand ready to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently. Feel free to contact us here.

Still have questions?

We are ready to help you!