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There are many advantages of partnership, let's look at the possibilities of a collaboration.

We want to be the ideal service partner for business customers for a number of reasons.

With a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction and quality, we offer a wide range of solutions that effectively meet the unique needs of businesses.

With us, you get your own access to the service portal where your company can collect all service orders in one place. The service portal provides a clear overview of the different stages, while giving the opportunity to communicate in writing directly with the technician.

If you want support with the portal or if you have other questions about the service course, you can always contact our customer service.

Competitive pricing within the authorized market

ISO 14001 certified with a continuous focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious choices for the future

Safe and environmentally friendly handling of products that cannot be repaired

With us you get a loyal and long-term service partnership - welcome to us!

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