Transparency Act

The Transparency Act was passed on July 1, 2022 to promote businesses' respect for human rights

and decent working conditions, as well as ensuring public access to relevant information. Imago Group AS (hereinafter referred to as Imago) has through this a duty of information and implementation.

Imago, has an active and long-term commitment to its suppliers and customers, and will at all times seek good choices that further the objectives of the Transparency Act.

Imago, owned mainly by Johnny Liverød, has a subsidiary with business areas within Real Estate, service of mobile phones and PCs, sales of store data and communication solutions as the 3 largest business areas.

The Conmodo Group is Imago's largest business area, the Group is the largest company in the Nordic region in mobile phone service and fine electronics and has its own companies and branches in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to serve the Nordic market. The Group cooperates with the largest players in telecom, retail and insurance.

The Transparency Act will help us reduce the risk that our businesses cause or contribute to violations of human rights. It also helps us to do our part to ensure decent working conditions with our suppliers, partners, owners and ourselves. Imago and its subsidiaries have carried out an assessment of their own policies and procedures to ensure that we respect human rights and decent working conditions in our own workplace.

Imago is very committed to sustainability, which has contributed to the Conmodo Group developing new products and services related to the “reuse” of used mobiles and PCs in the Nordic market. We currently have models that show a complete environmental accounting per product.

Sustainability and ethical trade are, on a general basis, the main rule for everyone we work with.

Many of us will be able to experience situations where it is difficult to know how we should or should act. A common platform and understanding of basic ethical principles help to build the culture we want to have in Imago. We impose strict requirements to ensure the best possible protection of the environment, working conditions and social rights, as well as national laws and regulations. Our partners are large well-established suppliers who are committed to delivering on HSE, working conditions, social rights and safeguarding the environment.

Due diligence, it is important that Imago can be sure that its own business as well as our suppliers of parts, products and services run their business without compromising basic human rights and decent working conditions.

Normally, due diligence assessments will be repeated annually or subject to significant changes. We have established a separate email address that can be used for questions related to the Transparency Act. This is published on Imago's website;

Imago, in its review has not yet uncovered conditions that may adversely affect or harm basic human rights or working conditions.