Want to join and be a part of Conmodo's exciting future?

What you get:
Conmodo offers a youthful working environment full of creative and innovative people. Our employees work with new concepts and services on a daily basis, promising hectic workdays full of excitement. Good solutions and cooperation across departments will challenge your skills and fine-tune your talents in a special way. Conmodo offers long-term assignments in a good working environment among great colleagues. We are proud of our working environment and the professional relations that develop among our staff and with our customers.

What we’re looking for:
Conmodo has several departments. Of course, each department has very different needs and specific functions within our operation. We are looking for people who want to join a trade that is evolving rapidly, either as a structured and rock-solid employee working with production, as a critical and precise controller or as an eager and outgoing salesperson (and much, much else). We value personal qualities highly when they are combined with a good education and valuable work experience.

Workplace: Skarnes or Malmo

Job application
Send your job application to career@conmodo.com